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Purus Tri-Temp Countertop Unit

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The Purus Tri-Temp unit fits on most countertops, with an easy-to-read touchpad and convenient 11" dispensing height for reusable water bottles.



  • Tri-Temp Water: Filtered, On Demand Hot, Cold and Room Temperature water options, dispensed directly from the Purus system at the push of a button.
  • Countertop Efficient Dimensions: 6.3” width, 16.5 depth, 16" height. Designed to fit on most countertops & minimize the amount of space required.
  • Large Dispense Area: 11” tall water dispense area to refill your favorite reusable water bottle, for environmentally responsible refilling!
  • Quiet & Clean with “SmartChill” Technology: The Purus system utilizes a patented thermoelectric technology combined with proprietary software to provide energy and environmentally-efficient chilled water. This technology allows for crisp, cold, chilled water on demand without using refrigerants and refrigeration components. Unique, low noise, compressor-free cooling system.
  • Multi-stage Composite Filtration System: Highly efficient, self-contained, easy-to-replace three-stage water filter system, including sediment, carbon block and ultra-filtration technology providing an endless supply of clean, filtered water.
  • Built-in Software Controls: System monitoring software to maintain efficient and optimal performance.


  • Cleaning & ThermaRinse Feature: Simple, one-step user activated process for periodic cleaning of cold system components. Easy-to-read touchpad can be safely wiped down without affecting system operation. Frequent cleaning of touchpad surfaces helps guard against cross-contamination.
  • Leak Detection & Protection: The leak detector will sense when water is detected in the bottom of the unit & protects against leaks.
  • Dual-Action Hot: Electronic touch-button dispense with dual-action hot protects against hot water accidents with two-step activation for added safety.
  • Service Notification: Light and sound notification when service is required to keep your equipment in optimal working condition. Details can be found in the User Manual.


  • Installation Kit Included: All parts needed for installation are included with the purchase of your Purus system.  The system is designed for ease of installation with video assist and minimal use of under sink space. No technician required. View Installation instructions here.

Warranty & Customer Satisfaction

  • Warranty: The warranty issued through Technology to Market Logistics LLC does not apply to the appearance of the unit.  The warranty applies if your Purus Innovations unit fails to function properly under normal use within the manufacturer’s specifications.  The warranty issued to the owner is valid for 1 (one) year commencing from the date of purchase.  Details can be found in the User Manual here.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Care: We want you to be happy with the purchase of your new Purus Innovations point-of-dispense system and will happily answer any questions you might have.  If you are not satisfied, please contact us for a no-hassle return or exchange within 30-days of receiving your order.  We won't be satisfied until you are.  For additional information, please visit our FAQs page.